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Full Time/Contract Employment Information(Overseas Business)

Business Computers, Internet Retail for Mobile
Education At Least High School Graduate
System of Employment ◆Full time, with a 3 Month Probation period.
(However, this probation period may be extended to up to 6 months)
Work location Area Code 223-0056
6061 Shinyoshida Kohoku Yokohama, Kanagawa Japan Zip, 223-0056
Working hours 10:00~19:00
Salary Salary will reflect the candidate's desire, experience, ability etc. and will be decided by company regulations.
Estimated Annual Income between 2.5 M - 12 M Yen.
Benefits and Welfare ◆Casual dress
◆Childcare and nursing leave
◆Commuting expenses (up to 25,000 yen per month)
◆Non-smoking office with designated smoking areas
◆Salary revisions twice a year
◆Twice yearly bonuses (May, November)
◆Various social insurances and benefits including employment insurance, worker's compensation, healthcare, pension, etc.
◆Employee discount
Holidays and Vacation ◆125 days off each year
◆Five day work week with national holidays
◆Summer vacation, winter vacation, New Years, paid leave as well as special time off for vacations, family events, etc.
Application Method We will contact successful candidates within approximately one week of receipt of application in order to schedule time for an interview.
■Overseas Operations
Job Description We are looking to expand our current online retail operations in various foreign markets. The person put in charge of overseas operations will be entrusted with new business planning, promotions, etc. which take advantage of the Japanese, home market, strategy. In particular, we are currently looking to expand further into France, China, and the ASEAN region. We are presently seeking multiple individuals who can develop business strategies for each country, establish local subsidiaries, discover big, local players, and develop plans for M&A; in other words, we are looking for strategic leaders who can broadly contribute planning for new business development overseas.

・Strategic planning and execution of our overseas business plan.
・Developing overseas business units.
・Conducting operations of overseas business (with business trips as a base).

Career Plan
・In the future, this position will offer opportunities for growth, potentially as a local executive abroad.
・If given an overseas assignment, the individual will be in charge of management and strategic planning for foreign units.
Skills and Experience Required ・Deep understanding of the online retail industry, the toys industry, or beauty products industry.
・Individuals who are fluent in the foreign languages of the countries where we conduct our international operations; this includes English, French, and the languages spoken throughout Asia (China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore).
・Will have experience establishing foreign subsidiaries, or have experience being assigned abroad.
・Individuals who are open to being assigned overseas for several years.
Additional Skills and Experience ・Entrepreneurial experience or experience being the president of a company.
・Individuals capable of speaking English at the business level.
・People who have owned their own company, and managed it successfully.
The Ideal Candidate ・Strength (physical and mental are both necessary), Intellect (logical thinking ability and a strong brain), and someone who can relate well to people and their emotions (can be empathetic of others).
・Someone who is highly growth motivated.
・Someone who is interested in managing a company and can tackle tasks from a management perspective.