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Staff Interview

■Commodity Division

About the Job

I belong to the division of Pretta which sells beauty, life, and miscellaneous goods. My job is to suggest new goods, to review, order processing, and fixing fair prices for our products. Before I worked here, I only ever felt like a consumer, but now I feel like I want to sell various products. Sometimes the goods I choose to sell in our shop don't do well, but I am really happy when I something that I chose to sell in our shop becomes a MEGA hit.

Message to applicants

At Pretta, we all help each other responsibly. We also communicate well. In addition, I think new workers can adapt easily to our workplace because our company is very open to sharing personal opinions, regardless of rank or post.

■Hobby Division

About the Job

I belong to the hobby division now. My job is ordering, registration, and the pricing of new items. I also conduct promotion activities actively through e-mail newsletter. Although we may be in the Hobby industry, which deals primarily in plastic models and collector figures, but also toys for children, it is a very competitive and intense business environment because It's often difficult to achieve large profits due to the heavy price competition. However, we have a HUGE chance for worldwide success because Japanese anime has grown to become very popular all over the world. When you're just starting out, I think it's alright if you just love the world of anime, hobbies, or toys. But, from there, you can think how to get and build customer satisfaction.

Message to applicants

Our company is very straightforward and forthright; each week we have a chance to discuss new business strategies, openly, together as a team. Anyone can share their opinion. Currently, our main business is online retail, but we are always looking for new ideas. Some of the things we've come up with, for example, have been restaurants for Otaku to get together, making big dioramas for shops and field administration of survival games. Here, it's not just about doing what you're told to do, but also to challenge new business ideas for the success of the company, the industry, and your own life! I am excited to get new colleagues who I can have fun working with.

■Customer service division

About the job

I work for the customer management and E-commerce division. It is the responsibility of the EC Division to handle business that a traditional store doesn't usually have to deal with; I think that customer correspondence is more important to us than in a brick and mortar shop since we never really get to meet our customers. We become the story-tellers of the company and it's not an exaggeration to say that we have a very large role in determining the overall impression of the company left on our customers. Sometimes, when reading the comments from our customers, especially the ones who have very harsh opinions or nasty things to say, it cuts very deeply, but when I read the words of appreciation our customers have for our service, it stays with me in my heart. It is also our duty to help develop the company, and shopping experience of our sites, as efficient and smooth as possible so that we don't cause undue stress to our customers. I enjoy coordinating new products to bring to our customers, as well as developing our home-page and online shop, especially developing new services and web layout. It makes me happy to see the pleased reactions of the readers of our e-mail magazine as well as the positive feedback we get regarding the products that our customers buy. It is a worthwhile post which forms the core of our business.

Message to applicants

Old men, housewives, young people, toy-lovers, and a great variety of other personalities are gathered together in our staff including even cosplay enthusiasts. In the future I want our business to grow into something that doesn't only sell products. I want to do much more than that. I want to make full use of SNS possibilities and animation sites in order to reach out and interact with our customers. I want Pretta to become an antenna-into-the-future shop. I want to develop aggressive sales strategies target the market and develop a pinpoint approach to our sites' visitors, but this poses many challenges. I want our business to grow into something that separates us from being just a simple vendor. We need staff who can help, JOIN US!