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Denet Hobby Market wins the "Amazon Market Place Award 2014"

Pretta Inc. (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President and CEO: Yukio Watanabe), which operates "Denet Hobby Market" through Amazon.co.jp (referred to as Amazon here after) is a sales business and has been recognized with the "Amazon Market Place Award 2014", for its excellent shopping experience in the "Baby & Toys & Hobby Division." We began selling hobby goods through Amazon in August of 2009 and have now been providing Hobby goods to customers for more than four years. We will continuously strive to satisfy our customers by providing the best possible service and special products to our customers. We hope that winning this award will help us in accomplishing this goal. It is our deepest wish that you will patronize our store in the future, for this, we humbly thank you.
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