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"Denet Market" begins operations through Rakuten Group France's "Priceminster.com"

Pretta Inc. (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President and CEO: Watanabe Yukio) which operates "Denet Hobby Market" and "Denet Life Market" has begun operations through the internet auction site and shopping mall "Priceminster.com" which is operated by the Rakuten Group France. France also welcomes the 15th anniversary of the Japan Expo. Each year the popularity of Anime and Anime goods, especially figurines, continues to rise; France has widely become one of countries in Europe where Japanese culture is most popular. At "Priceminster.com" more than 20 million people engage in both CtoC and BtoC services. Priceminster ranks number 1 in France with 11 million site visits per month. The number of product listings is expected to climb beyond 160 million.

France『Denet Market』

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